Thursday, October 30, 2014

When Is A Hint Not Helpful?

I guess we do spend a lot of time chasing down rabbit holes that do not produce much.

But just once, I wish someone would message me out of the blue and give a link to a record that takes me back another generation.

I got a “Member Connect Activity” message on Ancestry one day and it was for a very peripheral person in my tree. Someone not related by blood, but as Ancestry spells it out, brother-in-law of great granduncle.

Totally random, right? 

The owner of the tree had the brother-in-law in their tree, but knew nothing of his sister Teresa. And I had Teresa’s marriage record that named not only her parents, but also her grandparents. I even provided a link.

I quickly tapped out a message on Ancestry to this person and let them know of my record.  I get a response, that basically said, “If you know more about this family, let me know, but this is pretty much where the rope ends”. 

I had to wonder, did she even read my message? She never updated her tree.  

Just once, I wish someone would send me a message like that.

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