Monday, June 12, 2017

What was happening in 1929?

Where is Grandma from? -part two.

In an earlier blog post you can read here, I went through all the different documents stating where my grandmother, Raquel Farias was born.  I had collected various records some stating Mexico, others Texas.  I thought maybe the evidence submitted with her delayed certificate of birth with the State of Texas had settled it…somewhat.

Queue releasing the indexed Civil Registrations for Mexico, and it added a whole new element to my quest.

With the knowledge my grandmother had been born in 1912, I had previously searched the Matamoros registrations for multiple years before and after 1912 trying to find a record of her birth.  I had never thought to look as far as 1929!!

The newly indexed records first led me by way of a hint to my great tia Lilia Farias’  birth registration. I followed the link to the image and was excited to find her entry.  I wondered aloud why it was recorded in 1929.  Quite a delay when you consider she was born in 1916.  But as the genealogy rulebook states, look at the records/pages before and after the one that interests you.  And sure enough, there as my grandmother’s entry along with her brother’s and her 4 of her sisters.1

"México, Tamaulipas, Registro Civil, 1800-2002," nacimientos, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, 1929;
on this page, delayed birth registration for Federico, Raquel, Lilia and Rosa Farias.
Celia on prior page, Ester on following page.

Celia Farias-age 25
Federico Farias-age 23
Maria Raquel Farias-age 16
Lilia Farias-age 14
Rosa Farias-age 11
Ester Farias-age 8

What made my great grandmother, Josefa Longoria de Farias, now a widow, seemingly cross the border back into Mexico and register her children in Matamoros?

With this find, I was reminded that I had previously found other peripheral family members who had a delay registration in 1929 and had made mental note of the delay.

It was a gem of a find, in which my g-grandmother states my grandmother Raquel was born on Rancho el Capote, outside Matamoros, on 12 September 1912.   As excited as I was to find this record, you have to question the veracity of the statement.2  Why record this now?  Why your adult and teenage children; some who are already married and living in Texas? 

What was happening in Mexico in 1929?  Two records before the sibling; the person was 52 years old.  The next 3 records after this group were 36, 42 and 46 years old respectively. 

This is one of the many times I wish I knew Spanish.  There is much research to do, and this just makes it more difficult.


2 Besides, we had always celebrated my grandmother’s birthday on September 9th, so which date is correct?