Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Finding Your Roots" Leaves Some Roots Still Buried

Anyone else feeling a little cheated tonight?  Especially after watching tonight ‘s episode of Finding your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.?[1]

If you have researched Spanish language genealogy records you know a goldmine record when they see one.  And tonight, while profiling Rebecca Lobo, Mr. Gates showed a baptism record for her great grandmother.  The record was from a Spanish Catholic church in Morocco.  As he had Rebecca read out loud from a transcription, the camera held a view of the record over the father’s name, and directly below that was the words “Abuelos paternos”.  I caught it right away and thought “how lucky”!  I always love when I get any record that names the grandparents as well.

But, Mr. Gates when on to discuss, due to the destruction of records in the father’s homeland of Spain, this generation is as far back as the researchers could go.  WHAT?!? 

I even rewound the show a few seconds to see a screen shot of the whole record.  Though not completely clear, it was clear enough to see the names of both sets of grandparents. 

I’m sure that information was shared with Rebecca; I on the other hand, am feeling a little let down.

[1] Finding your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Kunhardt McGee Productions, Inkwell Films and WNET in association with Ark Media. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. et al. RMPBS, Denver Colorado, 30 Sep 2014


  1. I did not watch, but maybe the genealogist who looked at that record did not have the experience with Spanish records. I hope you contact the producers or the person to tell them of their error. People who share how to 's and people like you with blogs, really help teach 'us' about the details of the church records and other tips... thank you.

    1. You are welcome Larissa. I intend to contact the show and see if I get a response. I will be sure to post any answer I get.