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I am a military brat with parents from two vastly different upbringings.  My father is from the Mexican border of Texas; from a small town named Pharr.  It always seemed "far" to get there as kids.  My father's father died before he was born, and his mother lived in the south Texas area her whole life.  His father, my grandfather, was definitely from across the border, making me a 2nd generation American on my father's side.  He joined the USAF and left The Valley.

My mother is from the East Anglian town of Ipswich, Suffolk in England.  It is about 80 northwest of London.  My mother came to the United States in 1957 with her "mum" to visit her two sisters that had already immigrated here with their American GI husbands.  She didn't return from that trip.

So, that is how my Mexican-American father and my British born mother met in a small town in Minnesota and got married.

My father remained in the USAF until after I left home.  We were a military family traveling from place to place never really settling anywhere, but everywhere we lived was home.

The genealogy bug bit me around March 2012.  I was vaguely interested when I was a young teenager, but never got passed quizzing my English grandmother about her parents and siblings.

I always said that I could probably trace my roots on my mother's side in England, but I would probably never be able to trace my Mexican Genealogy.  Boy was I wrong!

The family names I have been most interested in are Gonzales, Farias, Longoria, Chinery, Page, Boreham and Cross.  This blog will be about my journey finding where I came from.

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