Monday, September 22, 2014

Media announcements

Just a quick post tonight about a couple of current genealogy events going on.

1.  I called today to discuss my frustration regarding another member sharing a picture from my tree and attributing it to an obviously wrong person in her tree.  But that is another blog post.  What is news is the offer the made me.  I normally pay $19.99 a month for the standard subscription so I can easily bail if I know it will be a slow research month.  Instead, they offered me  6 months for $99.00 for the upgraded World Explorer membership. Plus an additional free month.  Since most of my research is not in the US, I can start back up with some English relatives again.  My math tells me that is a $40 saving over my current route, and I'll have more access to more records!

2.  I just read Louis Gates  is starting up his show "Finding your Roots" again tomorrow (Tuesday) 8/7C on PBS.  Just in time, I'm beginning to have YDYTYA withdrawals.

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