Sunday, October 5, 2014

Keep On Digging

Tonight I finally found him.  Well, not him actually; I found my great grandfather Ines Gonzalez the first night I went looking.  Blogpost "That First Night Online"  But tonight, I finally found him in the 1940 census. 

I had been looking for him in the census for a while now.  1940 would be the last census he was enumerated in, as he died in 1943, but I just could not find him.  How I finally came across his entry was a fluke.

I recently have been using the city directories for Harlingen Texas to fill in addresses for my g-grandfather and noticed that his son, Jose Gonzalez, was showing up in the directories too.  It was a hunch it was his son and of course the directory listed his address.  This was the same address that was on the death certificate of Ines 3 years later.   A few months ago I was looking for the address in the 1940 census, but the enumerator jumped around a little.  What I did pick up was that the son, Jose, was living with a woman named Isabel.  I had not heard of her before.  In a subsequent conversation with my aunt, she confirmed that her Uncle Jose “Pepe” Gonzales was married to an Isabel originally. 

With that information, I went looking for a marriage record on, and a census record popped up.  And there was Ines listed as living with his son, but my g-grandfather’s name was spelled as Enes![1]   I have never looked for that variation.
Screen shot from 1940 US Census
I just goes to show, never give up.  And, if you dedicate your search to just your direct line, you may just miss something.

[1] "United States Census, 1940," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 05 Oct 2014), Texas > Cameron > Justice Precinct 6, Harlingen > 31-49 Justice Precinct 6, Harlingen City bounded by (N) Harrison Av; (E) E; (S) Lincoln Av; (W) city limits; also Valley Baptist Hospital > image 54 of 65; citing NARA digital publication of T627.

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