Monday, September 28, 2015

British Newspaper Archive

I came across this archive over the weekend while trying to find newspaper articles for my mother's family in England.  It wasn't very expensive for one month; I thought I would try it out.

The newspapers for the Suffolk area tend to be old.  It uses OCR technology to perform searches, so it isn't perfect.

I spent the evening doing basic searches of family names, "William Chinery" and "John Chinery".  I found of things; one being an add for my 2x great grandfather's bakery, and the other, a marriage announcement for my great grandfather's first marriage.

Bury and Norwich Post and Suffolk Standard, 
19 December 1893, p. 4, col 4

It was just a short blurb, but it help me fill in a date and a place for the event.   I am not descended from this first wife, so I had not pursued this information fully yet.  But it is always fun to find new records!

The website is

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