Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Website

I like it!

I just had a look at the new website tonight and I really like it.  Which I didn't expect.

The best thing, I felt, was the attachment of your source citations to your facts.  Clicking on a fact will show you the source(s) to which it is attached and vice versa.  I navigated out to just a few of my profiles and quickly noticed that I could do a better job with my sources for them.  Without watching any videos, it seemed intuitive to make the needed corrections or additions by selecting the "edit" button attached to each.

I have been using my Family Tree Maker software more than the Ancestry site lately as I feel it gives you increased ability to customize.

One of the big reasons I use FTM is so I can source a name to a particular fact.

For instance: let's say the only document you have that names your 2nd great grandparents is the baptism of your grandmother naming them as her grandparents.  How would attach their names to that source citation?   On Ancestry, sources don't seem to jump people.  (If someone knows how to do this on Ancestry, please let me know)  With FTM, when I click on my 2nd g-g-parents name fact, and attach it to any source in my tree.  Then, when you or someone behind you looks at that name, they will be able to tell where you got it from.

I am certain I will continue with my increased use of FTM though I believe Ancestry has really stepped up with their sources.  The "Life Story" seems a more robust as well.  Again, somewhat intuitive to edit, though I needed to click around a little more.  Not sure how much i would will use it. I wasn't able to find how to create a military page for my nephew that is joining the Marines on Monday.  I hope that is a feature they transfer to the new site.

I am sure there a more hidden nuggets to find or in future updates.  I hear gallery customization is coming.  But, I will say for quick clean ups or assessment of your tree, the new gets two thumbs up!

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